UPMC Trainer

Derek Hornaman

Derek Hornaman

Office Hours M-F 2:15 pm

Saturdays depending on sports schedule

Iroquois Athletic training services:

  • Injury evaluation/prevention

  • Taping

  • Post injury rehabilitation

  • Hot/cold modalities

  • Electric stimulation therapy

  • Baseline concussion testing

  • Practice/home game coverage

  • Therapeutic massage gun

  • Physician clinic referrals

  • Pre-season sports physicals

Derek's Training Table

Athletic Trainer Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

An Athletic Trainer works alongside medical professionals, Coaches and Athletes to review the medical condition of Athletes and develop a health plan to meet the Athlete’s diet and fitness goals. Their main duties include analyzing and diagnosing Athletes’ injuries, designing customized nutrition and exercise plans and building rehabilitation and training programs to help Athletes recover from injuries.

Athletic Trainer Duties and Responsibilities

Athletic Trainers continuously evaluate athlete conditions, injuries and illnesses, conducting diagnostic tests and exercises and communicating those results with medical professionals. Some common duties include:

  • Attending sports events to provide the needed on-site care

  • Conducting athlete intake assessments and maintaining medical records for all athletes

  • Developing customized treatment plans and making appropriate recommendations for ideal steps in athlete care

  • Handling clerical tasks such as assisting with budgets, restocking supplies and maintaining inventory

  • Designing rehabilitation and training programs for athletes