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Autumn Richards
Kindergarten Teacher
Ext. 3107
Christina Schlee
2nd Grade Teacher
Grade 2
Ext. 3207
Amy Schmidt
5th Grade Teacher
Grade 5
Ext. 5219
Deanna Shakespeare
Instructional Aide/Emotional Support
Special Education
Ext. 3118
Carrie Sittinger
Instructional Aide/Life Skills
Special Education
Ext. 3147
Sarah Skelton
Gifted Teacher
Special Education
Ext. 2127
Kasey Smith
4th Grade Teacher
Grade 4
Ext. 5104
Sandra Smith
Elementary Guidance Counselor
Ext. 3142
Ashley Smith
Instructional Aide/Pre-K
Ext. 3148
Megan Spangler
Learning Support Teacher 5/6
Special Education
Ext. 5225
Korin Stewart
Kindergarten Teacher
Ext. 3154
Jacon Surkala
AmeriCorps Volunteer
AmeriCorps Volunteer/Tltle I
Ext. 3113
Jamison Sweet
Instructional Aide/Autistic Support
Special Education
Ext. 5221
Pete Szoszorek
Maintenance Specialist
Ext. 1309
Leah Terry
Lunchroom Monitor
Susan Timon
3rd Grade Teacher
Grade 3
Ext. 5108
Brenda Tombaugh
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
Ext. 4002
Eric Trapp
3rd Grade Teacher
Grade 3
Ext. 5109
Ashley Stroud
Speech Therapist
Special Education
Ext. 3423
Jennifer Vrenna
Ext. 3225