The Iroquois School District is proud to announce that after weeks of research, writing, and collaboration, the following 10 student research teams have been selected to present their proposals to a panel of experts who will select three finalists.  The three finalists will move on to the step two review board and one will be selected for flight to the International Space Station in the spring of 2023.  The research teams and their topics are listed below in random order.

From Iroquois Jr./Sr. High School

The effect of microgravity on the growth of algae

by student researchers: Makenzie Buck, Olivia Britton, Rylee King, Lillian Carnes, Mushkat Rahama

The effect of microgravity on crystal growth

 by student researchers: Josh Allison, Elliot Kemp, Luke Noyes, Alexander Pierce, Nick Pribyshchuk

Will bone cells on Tetranite grow in microgravity?

by student researchers: Isabella Nieves, Evelyn Laubenthal, Brandi Reichard, Sophia Shatzer

The effect of microgravity on frog leg muscle tissue. 

by student researchers: Peyton Krauza, Mason Lingenfelter, Victoria Miller, Khloe McGarvie, Tammy Rotunda

How does Heparin affect blood in microgravity? 

by student researchers: Chase Williams, Daniel Aylsworth, Ashton Cooner, Caleb Kline, Ethan Voelker

From Iroquois Elementary School

The way blood fights in space

by student researchers: Donovan Berry, Jonah Kicks, Kacie King

Will Blood Types Affect the Future?

by student researchers: Kyra Skinner, Makenzie Chew, Aaron Quinn

The growth of Penicillin in microgravity

by student researchers: Madelyn Frick, Julyssa McCray, Carina Robinson, Jazlyn Williams

The effects of growth on brine shrimp in microgravity

by student researchers: Camden Heitman, Zamaria Klett, Nick Siliano, William Vasquez

Hovering Hydrophyte

by student researchers: Jaxon Capper, Nakiya Chesebrough, Gabrielle Kysor

We are incredibly proud of these student researchers and their dedication to inquiry, curiosity, and the scientific process. Parent(s)/guardian(s) of these students will receive more information about the upcoming presentations through an invitation that will be sent home with the students.