Senior Exit Survey

Class of 2018


Class of 2018 Exit Survey

Please complete the following survey as carefully and openly as you can. Your responses will help your school better understand and address the needs of all of its students. Your responses are completely anonymous. Thank you for your help. Please be sure to select at least one option for each question included in this survey.
1.Which of the following best describes the type of program you followed during high school? (Select ONE)

Career and Technical Education

College Preparatory

General Studies

2.How would you describe yourself as a student during high school? (Select ONE)

Mostly an A student

Mostly an A and B student

Mostly a B student

Mostly a B and C student

Mostly a C student

Mostly a C and D student

Mostly a D student

Mostly a D and F student


What are your plans in the next two years? (Select ONE)

Obtain full-time employment and not enroll in further education at this time

Enroll in a 2-year college (while employed or not employed)

Enroll in a 4-year college (while employed or not employed)

Enroll in a trade, technical, or business training program (while employed or not employed)

Enter military service

Other (Please describe):


If you plan on furthering your education, what field of study are you most likely to select in college or trade school?

(Select ALL that apply)

Health sciences, health care, medicine

Science, technology, engineering, mathematics

Business, economics, marketing, information technology

Social services, education, psychology

Creative, visual, or performing arts

Computers, networking

Communication, public policy, media

Construction, manufacturing, mechanical, electrical, heating/cooling, plumbing

Transportation, transport operation

Natural resources, environmental planning


Other (Please describe):


While attending high school, how many Advance Placement (AP) courses did you complete or are you currently taking?

1-2 AP courses
3-4 AP courses
5 or more AP courses


6.While attending high school, how many college academic courses did you take or are you currently taking for college credits?
1 course
2 courses
3 or more courses



While attending high school, how many college technical/business courses did you take or are you currently taking for college credits?

1 course
2 courses
3 or more courses


8.Use the statements below to tell us about your reading experiences at Iroquois High School. (For each statement, select ALL that apply. If none apply, leave blank.)


Career and Technical 




Social Studies    

Reading is challenging for me in these subject areas:                          

I experienced opportunities to read and talk with peers or in small groups during class time in these subject areas:

I experienced opportunities to listen to the teacher talk about how to read effectively in these subject areas:

The teacher shared strategies to help understand required readings in these subject areas:

Books at different levels of reading difficulty were available to help me understand course concepts in these subject areas:

9.When I’m reading for school: (Select ALL that apply)
I'm aware when I'm not focusing on the author's message
I know when I don’t understand a section
I find out the meanings of unfamiliar words
I know which ideas or concepts I need help understanding
I use several different strategies to aid my understanding
I’m aware of how the author organized the text


10.I use a variety of tools and strategies to help understand assigned readings, such as: (Select ALL that apply)
Talking with peers
Talking with teachers
Reading something more than once
Taking notes as I read
Summarizing, either mentally or on paper
Using highlighters and/or Post-It notes



Approximately how many hours do you spend reading in a typical week?

Assigned reading FOR class:




12.Approximately how many hours do you spend reading in a typical week?

Assigned reading NOT for class:








13.Teachers believed that I could be successful in learning Mathematics:
Almost Never


14.I am good at Mathematics:



15.How do you spend your time outside of school? (Select ALL that apply)
Doing homework or getting ready for class
Watching television
Using a computer
Playing video games
Talking or text-messaging on the phone
Reading for fun
Doing volunteer work
Exercising or participating in a team sport or activity that’s not school-sponsored
Hanging out/socializing with friends


16.I feel school prepared me to use technology to improve my information-gathering skills, such as doing school-related or personal research:




Did you participate in any school-sponsored, extra-curricular activities during high school?

Yes (Go to Question 18)

No  (Go to Question 19)

18.In what school-sponsored, extra-curricular activities did you participate during high school?
Musical groups (band, chamber groups, choral groups, etc.)
Dramatic art (dance, theater, musical theater, etc.)
Athletic teams (including cheerleading, intramurals)

Scholastic clubs (foreign language, Science Olympiad, forensics, National Honor Society, etc)

Career and technical education clubs (DETA, FFA, VICA, etc.)

Student government/student representation on school or district committees
Student publications (newspaper, yearbook, literary magazine, etc.)
Other (Please specify):


19.In which work experiences or work-based programs did you participate during high school? (For each statement, select ALL that apply)
 During School YearDuring SummerDid Not Participate
Job shadowing (observing worker(s) at their workplace
Work experience for course credit (co-op, cadet teaching, etc.)
Mentorship/internship (developing skills - not for course credit or pay)

Part-time/full-time employment



Rate the following in terms of importance to students like you during high school. (For each statement, select ONE choice.)

 Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot Very Important
Participation in extracurricular activities
Academic coursework/learning that helped me prepare for further education
Technical or business coursework/learning that helpe me prepare for a career
Social interactions with peers
Developing relationships with one or two significant adults



For each of the experiences described below, please select the choice that best reflects how often you had that experience at Iroquois High School. (For each statement, select ONE choice.)

During my years at Iroquois High School, I experienced:

 FrequentlySometimesAlmost Never
Coursework that seemed worthwhile and relevant to my life
Lessons that allowed me to explore in depth topics that interested me
Lessons that helped me to learn to use tools, including computers, to access and process information
Teachers who were clear about how I was expected to behave
Teachers and administration who communicated with my family regarding my education and career development
Opportunities to display my learning through projects, portfolios, or presentations
Teachers who gave me clear feedback about how well I was doing and what I needed to do to succeed
Opportunities to apply what I was learning to complex real-world issues or problems
Lessons that required collecting, analyzing, and interpreting real-world data
Opportunities to participate in Career Pathways or other programs connecting my coursework with possible careers
Challenging coursework that caused me to think deeply about ideas and put them together in new ways
Teachers who demanded my best efforts
Teachers who had high expectations for students like me
Opportunities to work with and get to know people of different backgrounds or skill levels
Fellow students who knew me well and cared about me as a person
Fellow students who made me feel that I had an important contribution to make to my school
Opportunities to work with other students on projects that seemed worthwhile
Opportunities to talk with other students about important ideas
Opportunity to select a wide variety of course options and electives
Teachers who knew their subject well
Teachers who explained their subject clearly
Teachers who knew me well and cared about me as a person
Teachers who made me feel that I had an important contribution to make to my school
Opportunities to develop and revise a personal education or career plan or EDP with help from school staff
A school environment safe from intimidation and harassment
A school environment safe from physical violence
At least one adult at my school that I could count on to help and support me if I needed assistance
Opportunities to obtain assistance with selecting and/or applying for college or other training program
Opportunities to work with community members to address community issues or problems


22.How many years (as of June 2017) did you attend Iroquois Senior High School? Please count only years spent in grades 9-12. (Select ONE)
Less than 1 year
1 to 1 ½ years
2 to 2 ½ years
3 to 3 ½ years
4 years
More than 4 years


23.Thinking about how well prepared you feel for what follows high school. Please grade Iroquois High School on how well you think it prepared you: (For each question, select ONE grade)
For employment
For further education
For personal life


24.For each of the statements that follow, please select the choice that best reflects your beliefs about what you have learned up to this point in your education. (For each statement, select only ONE choice.)
 Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
I can read and write effectively for a variety of purposes.
I can access and process information using a variety of different tools, including computers.
I can think deeply; I can make connections among ideas within a subject and across subjects.
I know how to go about solving complex real-world problems using what I have learned from different subject areas.
I can communicate easily with different audiences for different purposes.
I can work and interact comfortably with people who are different from me.
I am capable of doing challenging work.
I feel prepared to make informed decisions and participate fully in a democratic society.
I have developed the skills to continue to learn after I leave school- to become a life-long learner.


25.Think about any experiences you had at Iroquois High School that may have interfered with your being as successful as you wanted to be. If you could change anything about your experiences at Iroquois High School, what would you change?

Please add below any additional comments about your experiences at Iroquois High School.


Would you be willing to complete a follow-up survey one year from now?

If yes, please provide a permanent email address, so that we can contact you.