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    Students, who participate in extra-curricular activities, including sports or school-sponsored academic teams, are subject to the No F Rule on a weekly basis.

    Students who have 1 F in a class must attend an after-school tutoring session during the week. If students fail to attend tutoring, they are ineligible the following week.

    Students who have 2 Fs must attend 2 after-school tutoring sessions during the week, one for each class. Students can practice with 2 Fs. If they fail to attend tutoring for both subjects, they are ineligible for the following week.

    Students who have more than 2 Fs must attend 2 tutoring sessions to become eligible for the following week. However, they are not allowed to practice or travel with the team

    All teachers must enter weekly grades by Friday morning at 9:00 A.M.

    • Eligibility requirements are suspended for the first 2 weeks of a new grading period.
    • Students must meet all other attendance/academic requirements set by the PIAA to be eligible to participate in athletic programs at Iroquois School District.


    • Tutoring for major subject areas will be offered twice each week, whenever possible.
    • Non-core subject area tutoring will have to be worked out with individual teachers.
    • Students unable to meet with the subject area teacher may meet with another faculty member with the approval of the Principal.
    • This tutoring must be for a period of fifty (50) minutes.
    • It is up to the individual student to confirm when and where the tutoring will occur during that week.

If there is a shortened week due to a holiday, weather cancellation, or other unforeseen circumstance, the Principal may allow for alterations to the tutoring procedures.

•  Tutoring Notification Form
•  Athletic Tutoring Schedule
•  Extra-Curricular Eligibility Guidelines

Failing Grade(s)

Student Must . . .

Student Can/Cannot . . .

1 “F”

attend a tutoring session in the subject area in which failing grade was earned.

CAN practice, play, and travel with the team.

2 “F”s

attend 2 tutoring sessions, 1 for each subject area in which failing grade was earned.

CANNOT play, dress, or travel with the team.

CAN practice.

3 “F”s

attend at least 2 tutoring sessions during the week for subject areas in which failing grades were earned.

CANNOT play, dress, or travel with the team.

Additionally, student CANNOT practice.

Ø  Failure to complete required tutoring sessions during the week makes the student ineligible for the follow week, regardless of grades.

Ø  An eligibility period runs from Monday to Saturday the week AFTER the failing grades are reported.

Ø  Seniors, who are ineligible during the week of Senior Night may dress for Senior Night and participate in Senior Night activities. However, they are NOT permitted to play if 2 or more F’s are earned.


    • The school will offer physicals free of charge 3 times per year prior to each sport season. The dates will be published on the Athletic News page of the website.
    • A physical is required once per year and re-certification for winter and spring seasons, if the athlete had a physical for the fall season.
    • Form needs to be signed/dated by both parent and student-athlete as well as the school district employee who witnessed the signatures. Must be on file before participation. 
    • Parent or Guardian of participating student athlete must provide health insurance information, check all potential sports the athlete will participate in and sign. Signature must be witnessed by district employee. Must be on file before participation.
    • All student-athletes must complete a baseline concussion test prior to participating in PIAA athletics.
    • Student-athletes must sign the Athletic Handbook acknowledgement form in order to participate.


  • Alternate Transportation Request Form